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Mother Nature is at the heart of Essensorie. We believe that the depth and complexity of her fragrances are simply not replicable using synthetic molecules in a laboratory. Essential oils and absolutes - extracted from leaves, flowers, timbers, fruits, seeds, resins and roots - intimately connect us with the natural world through scent. Essensorie exists to facilitate this bond; it is our goal to bring you nature, bottled.

It’s vitally important that we go about this in the most environmentally conscious way possible. Sustainability is at the forefront of our business decisions and we’re constantly working to lower our carbon and waste footprint. We believe that businesses must lead the way and empower customers to look after our planet. You can read the Sustainability at Essensorie page to see what initiatives we have implemented.

All of our products are blended and bottled in our upstairs studio at The Block Arcade by our founder and perfumer Nicole Thomas and her team. Nicole spent the formative years of her life on her parents' plant nursery. It was here that her lifelong love of plants and natural fragrance blossomed. A serial entrepreneur from a young age, she worked as a designer and marketer for much of her early career before a chance genealogical discovery inspired a voyage to her ancestral homeland, the south of France. Here she discovered the ancient art of natural perfumery.

Now, over a decade on, Nicole’s plant obsession, her exquisite designer’s eye and love for natural perfumery are passionately packed into each product batch she carries downstairs to our boutique. Located on the Collins Street wing of the historic, mosaic-tiled Block Arcade, the Essensorie store has been described as a sensory experience like no other.

Here you can explore - and sniff - our entire range. Each product is scented with a bespoke essential oil combination blended by Nicole. We sell products for your self and your spaces, all of which contain no synthetic aroma-chemicals. Whether it be an Essence Blend, bottle of our famous Pillow Perfume or nourishing Hand Cream, we’re sure that your senses will be delighted.

If you can’t make it in to our boutique, we encourage you to browse our online store. Simply navigate to “shop” in the main menu. 

We invite you to indulge in our masterful fusion of art and organics.

Yours naturally,


Above: Nicole Thomas with mimosa (wattle) flowers.