Developed in 2008 by French-trained botanical perfumer and Essensorie founder Nicole Thomas, this exclusive range of aromatic products celebrates the artistry of natural perfumery and the majesty of nature herself. Each of our 100% pure plant essence fragrances contains a complex alchemy of scent masterfully formulated with a base, heart and top note to captivate the senses with complexity and intrigue. You could say we have captured the pure essence of nature in a bottle.

Our products are truly bespoke and artisanal with every facet of design, development and production being conducted by Nicole and her team at her country Victorian farm and perfumery. A strong connection with nature was forged at an early age as Nicole spent her childhood at her family’s plant nursery sniffing all sorts of botanical materials and developing an innate sense of the scent of nature. She was trained in botanical perfumery in Paris and Provence and often spends time in southern France gaining inspiration for new product ideas.

Nicole’s scent philosophy adheres to the two principles of aromatherapy and perfumery; the sense of essence if you like. As both fragrance and therapy, each beautiful essence accord releases the health-enhancing benefits that only nature can provide to harmonise mind, body and soul. Each unique fragrance evolves as an intriguing scent journey as each note unfolds over time. Despite each fragrance usually containing a complex alchemy of several individual essences and absolutes, two ‘hero’ essences within each blend are chosen to name the fragrance.

Our plant essences are sourced for their quality of scent, aromatherapeutic properties and production sustainability from Australia and every corner of the earth. They are certified organic where possible, but always the highest quality essences that can be obtained. We take care to ensure through our reputable supplier base that our essences are absolutely unadulterated by synthetic molecules and are not subject to any treatment that might reduce molecular complexity - that is, they are as pure and complete as nature intended.

Our sumptuous range of body and home products are sulphate, paraben, mineral oil, artificial colour and fragrance, SLS and petrochemical free. Our signature formulations contain exclusive plant-derived oils, butters and extracts to ensure optimal performance and quality. Our signature fragrances are blended from plant-distilled, farm-harvested essential oils and absolutes. We use no synthetic aroma chemicals or 'nature identical' aromatic molecules. Many of our home scented products contain a base ingredient of organic bio-ethanol (perfumer’s grade) that is distilled from sugar cane in Queensland.

We invite you to indulge in our masterful fusion of art and organics.