Nature and the environment is at the heart of Essensorie’s ethos. We believe that the onus of sustainability should not lie solely with the consumer. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Businesses should lead the way in sustainability and empower customers to make better environmental decisions. So, at Essensorie, how do we operate in an environmentally sustainable manner?


  • All of our bottles and jars are glass with the exception of our Hand & Body Wash. Glass - unlike plastic - is not manufactured using a fossil fuel and is infinitely recyclable. Also, the tactile weight of glass makes our products just that little bit extra special. Glass is class.


  • Whenever possible we minimise the packaging that we use. For example, we don’t package our products in unnecessary cardboard boxes. 


  • We don’t offer plastic bags in the store. Instead we opt for brown paper carry bags and unbleached cotton gift sacks.


  • Whereas synthetic fragrance used by most fragrance and cosmetic brands is made using petroleum, our fragrances come from Mother Nature only. Essential oils are distilled from plants not synthesised with petrol.


  • Our online shipping packaging is all biodegradable and recyclable. We use cardboard boxes, protective packaging and tape. 


  • You can bring your used Essensorie packaging back to us. We will thoroughly wash, sanitise then reuse the packaging if it is in good condition. If it’s not possible to reuse a certain item of packaging then we will ensure it is correctly recycled. 

  • Some of our products - such as Desk Diffusers and Botanical Balls - can be continually re-fragranced with our Ambience Essences (pure essential oil). There is no need to buy an entirely new product when the fragrance runs low.


We’re always working on new sustainability initiatives. If you have any good sustainability ideas, we’d love to hear them. Here’s a few that we’re working away on at the moment. 


  • Selected products will be able to be refilled in-store.


  • We are in the process of replacing our hand cream tubes with a bioplastic alternative that is made from sugarcane.