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Sustainability at Essensorie

Nature and the environment is at the heart of Essensorie’s ethos. We believe that the onus of sustainability should not lie solely with the consumer. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Businesses should lead the way in sustainability and empower customers to make better environmental decisions. So, at Essensorie, how do we operate in an environmentally sustainable manner? 

Mother Nature's Scent

Natural Ingredients

Whilst synthetic aroma-chemicals used by most fragrance brands are derived from petroleum, our fragrances are made by Mother Nature herself. Essential oils are distilled from renewable, solar-powered plants not synthesised from petroleum.

Reuse and Recycle

Sustainable Initiatives

Our Block Arcade store and studio is run with renewable energy. Waste is minimised and recycled carefully. We opt for infinitely-recyclable glass bottles instead of plastic. Our Hand Cream tubes are made from both recycled and sugarcane-derived bioplastic.


Carbon Offsetting

We are proud to have partnered with CarbonClick. Reduce the carbon emissions associated with your purchase at checkout. Contribute to climate projects like reforestation, renewable energy and biodiversity conservation.

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No need to discard

You can re-scent that

Products such as Desk Diffusers Botanical Bags and our Sphere Diffuser can be continually re-fragranced with Essence Blends. There is no need to buy an entirely new product when the fragrance runs low.

Watch this space! We are working on a new product range of ceramic scent tokens. Made of highly absorbent clay, you can customise them with any Essence Blend and continually refresh their scent without repurchasing.

recyclable and biodegradable

Sustainable Packaging

Our online shipping packaging is all biodegradable and recyclable. We use cardboard boxes, protective packaging and tape. No single-use plastics.

We don’t offer plastic bags in the store. Instead we opt for paper carry bags and unbleached cotton gift sacks.

Whenever possible we minimise the packaging that we use. For example, we don’t package our products in unnecessary cardboard boxes.

Hand Cream tubes are a mixture of recycled and sugarcane-derived bioplastic.

Watch this space! We are working on a store-wide refill range. These will be 400ml 100% post-consumer recycled amber plastic bottles. Refill your existing glass bottles.

always improving, stay tuned...

Other initiatives

We are working upon introducing CarbonClick on to our website. This will give you the option at checkout to purchase carbon credits.

As a brand, we are researching how we can become carbon neutral or positive.

We would also love to become B-Corp certified in the future. We run an inclusive, progressive and as-sustainable-as-possible business.

Any ideas? If you have any suggestions regarding sustainability or any way that we could improve, we would love to hear from you.

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