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Cedar Sandalwood

Create your own sensory sanctum with this intensely woody essence blend. Indulge in a robust yet warming woody accord of cedar, sandalwood, amyris and hinoki - complimented with resinous, smoky and balsamic undertones of vetiver, treemoss and black spruce. A reassuring synergy of bark, heartwood and moss is mellow, mindful and balancing. This is Essensorie’s dedication to the universal love of wood and trees by all cultures.

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Cedar Sandalwood Essence Blend
Cedar Sandalwood Essence Blend Sale priceFrom $48.00 AUD
Cedar Sandalwood Home Perfume
Cedar Sandalwood Home Perfume Sale priceFrom $42.00 AUD
Cedar Sandalwood Sphere Diffuser
Cedar Sandalwood Sphere Diffuser Sale price$135.00 AUD