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Patchouli Chai

Patchouli Chai

Anchor your senses in this deeply earthy blend of seductive double-distilled patchouli infused with grounding notes of resinous frankincense. Inhale the comfort on a cold winter's day of a spicy chai infusion of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and cardamom to envelop your senses in a warm and reassuring embrace. 


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Patchouli Chai Essence Blend
Patchouli Chai Essence Blend Sale priceFrom $48.00 AUD
Patchouli Chai Desk Diffuser
Patchouli Chai Desk Diffuser Sale price$85.00 AUD
Patchouli Chai Botanical Bag
Patchouli Chai Botanical Bag Sale price$22.00 AUD
Patchouli Chai Soy Wax Candle
Patchouli Chai Soy Wax Candle Sale price$95.00 AUD