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Solid Perfume Balms

Make each application a sensory ritual as the softening balm scents the skin and delights the senses with its aromatherapeutic properties. The balms are portable, ideal for traveling and can be easily carried with you and applied throughout the day. Each perfume pot is compact and durable, will not break or spill, only scents your skin (with zero wastage, unlike liquid atomiser sprays) and deeply nourishes the skin with each application. The buttery base is also an excellent fixative for the fragrance, allowing it to linger longer on the skin. 

Each custom-blended perfume is formulated with pure essential oils using the traditional note method. The concentrated 20% fragrance is then combined with a nourishing base of melted plant-derived butters and oils, beeswax and natural vitamin E. The fragrant butter is then poured into a high quality, protective ultra-dark violet glass pot, where it hardens to form a perfume balm.

Solid Perfume Balms

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