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Pomelo Petitgrain Essence Blend

Sale price$48.00 AUD

Scent your spaces beautifully with our 100% natural essential oil blends. Perfect for any diffuser, burner or vaporiser. Blended by our French-trained perfumer utilising a complex alchemy of top, middle and base notes. Scent spaces exquisitely with Essensorie's artisan botanical fragrance.



Scent family: Citrus/Green

Dream of an Italian summer holiday with this light and fruity citrus delight. The sweet and soothing citrus notes of expressed pomelo peel, warm Calabrian bergamot and juicy red mandarin are freshened with notes of leafy-green petitgrain, ethereal floral ylang ylang and earthy herbaceous patchouli leaves.

How To Use

Begin by dropping five to ten drops into your diffuser, burner or vaporiser. Increase or decrease dosage as desired.


Essential oils of: pomelo, petitgrain, patchouli, ylang ylang, orange sweet, cedar Himalayan.


20ml, 50ml, 100ml amber glass dropper bottle.

Pomelo Petitgrain Essence Blend
Pomelo Petitgrain Essence Blend Sale price$48.00 AUD