Relax Lavender Grapefruit Roll-On Remedy


Each of these personal roll-on fragrances has been blended with an aromatherapeutic purpose in mind. Essential oils have the transformative ability to affect and enhance mood and feeling. Some blends are focussing and uplifting whilst others are mellowing and relaxing. Roll these personal fragrances on to your pulse points for a renewing sensory experience.

Inspired by the swaying purple lavender fields of Tasmania, this iconic fragrance combines the herbaceous note of Australian lavender with balsamic cedarwood Atlas. The fragrance is topped with the zingy citrus note of juicy pink grapefruit. Let Lavender Grapefruit evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquillity.

Presented in a 15ml amber glass roll-on bottle.

Ingredients: Aqua, bio-ethanol, essential oils.

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