Mimosa Sandalwood Perfume


The sweet and honeyed aroma of golden mimosa blooms is cradled in a smoky, woody base note of sandalwood, guaiac wood and richly resinous frankincense with a warm and tangy citrus top note of sparkling clementine and mouth-watering green bergamot.

This 7.5ml glass ampule eau de parfum perfume is presented in our custom-made, refillable bakelite amulet with a magnetic lid. It's easy to slip in and out so you can change your perfume as often as you change your style. Carry it with you and apply throughout the day to pulse points or wherever you want to be kissed.

Simply purchase a replacement ampule when you need to replenish your fragrance.

Ingredients: organic perfumers' bio-ethanol, essential oils & absolutes.

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