Lime Vetiver Ambience Essence


Custom-blended from pure plant-distilled essential oils, these 100% natural ambience essences are designed for use in a diffuser or vaporiser. Blended with a base, heart and top note accord, these alchemies of natural plant oils not only have a complex, alluring aroma but also possess grounding aromatherapeutic properties to stimulate mind, body and soul.

This seductive, oriental elixir will transport you immediately to a tropical island resort. Combined is the smoky, grass-like note of double-distilled vetiver, the tart and zesty aroma of cold-pressed lime peel and the intensely sweet floral note of wild-harvested ylang ylang buds - all combined with an exotic accord of lemongrass, cedar wood, spicy ginger and dill seed essences.

Choose from a 10ml, 20ml or 50ml amber glass bottle with dripper.

Ingredients: Essential oil.

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