Fir Frankincense Space Spray


Create a fresh and inviting ambience in your space with a blend of pure essential oils to delight the senses. Simply spray the beautiful scented mist in whichever space you would like fragranced. Fantastic for bathrooms, throughout the house, in the office or for musty cars. Can also be used as a linen spray for freshening bedsheets and towels.

Deeply inhale the frosty, dew-kissed foliage of a fir forest with this evergreen coniferous aromatic blend. Combined is the pine-like, enlivening aroma of Siberian fir needles, the dry undertones of resinous frankincense and tar-like cade absolute. This forest-inspired delight is topped with the licorice-like notes of sweet fennel, steam-distilled tarragon leaves and spicy pink peppercorns. 

Ingredients: water, organic bio-ethanol (perfumer's alcohol), essential oils

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